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1. Guy Bricknell - May 19, 2010

Lo deepsharer. I’ve never used Newzbin, but i really don’t know what the hell happened sense the days of VCRs & cassette tapes, the bitching & moaning the movie & record companies did. Its the same damn thing now.
You can record about any thing you want off of TV (except new releases)so wait a bit & its on PPV or a bit longer & its on TV (now games are another story).
Recording something is the same as copying, the only thing different is the medium, i may get it off the internet (where some one else recorded it) instead of waiting till it comes on lets say SHOWTIME, when it was on HBO last month.
I’m in the USA so not sure how the UK does things,but they where told back then to basicly go lay down. Newzbin should fight this, so should every one. People here & everywhere are just binding over for these damn companies(they hate the internet LOL, to damn bad, another genie out of the bottle).
People cant do anything with anything anymore, we don’t own anything anymore,THE COMPANY has the rights, we have none.
Justice can’t be served when justice serves money.
Well i hope I’m making sense in my ramblings here, this is as nice as i can talk about greed monkeys, usually its real bad.

Have a good one.

2. Johnmicko - May 23, 2013

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