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Interview with Team R Dogs May 28, 2010

Posted by deepsharer in NZB, usenet.
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I secured an interview with Mr White via IRC last night (the conversation has been tidied up a bit).

DS: How are you Mr White? May I call you Caesium/Freaky/Kalante now?

W: You can, but I think they might be a bit upset & I’d get confused, but I like the Bond reference 😉 Srsly, we are not the Newzbin guys, I mean, the old Newzbin guys. But I guess you’ll never believe me till you get my phone number?

DS: which is?

W: (202) 456-1414

DS: yea, right. So how did you get the code?

W: We liberated it. Code just wants to be free. Specifics don’t matter.

DS: So you’ll opensource it?

W: No. That said, if we have to shut down at any stage we’ll try to opensource it.

DS: Why did you steal the code?

W: I nicked it initially just because I could, that was a while back. There was no real ‘plan’, I just kinda did it, but I didn’t want to copy the site and didn’t even really plan to use it. Then when I saw the legal news I thought Newzbin was looking like it really might fold. Since they didn’t say they would opensource the code I chatted to a couple of mates and we talked about running a site ourselves. We didn’t do anything for ages but when Newzbin suddenly closed without any warning at all we decided to make a move.

DS: So when are you going open this site? What’s the url going to be?

W: We’ll let you know the domain name later. The site is gonna open really really soon.

DS: Are you planning to change the way Newzbin works or is it going to be a straight clone?

W: We’ll be running a straight clone to start with but we want to change it eventually. Unfortunately the site backend is mega mega complicated so we’re concentrating on just getting the systems running with a minimum of falling over in the beginning. Plus, we also greatly underestimated the number & power of the servers needed to run this stuff so we’ve been trying to raise a metric fuckload of cash to buy gear.

DS: Doesn’t sound promising…

W: no it’ll be fine but I’m just saying that for a while it may all be a bit wobbly 🙂

DS: what are the longer term plans for the site?

W: we want to raise retention time. 240 days is a bit crap. We want to get it to at least 400 days soon and then up to 600+ days within the next 9 months. Kinda pulling figures outta my ass but something like that. Plus I want to do a redesign of the site. I reckon some people wanted the old site to have lots of features so it’s become complicated as thy added them in, but others want it simple & less confusing. It’s a tough design issue and we need to think how we can do this. We’ll probably do A/B testing on the site and maybe do polls, start a design/features discussion with users. We’ve also discussed adding non-Usenet search results to the site like torrent or Rapidshare results, but we’ve just kinda floated that idea and we don’t know how we’d incorporate it. Should all be fun.

DS: The MPA are gonna come after you. You got a plan?

W: 😦 yea, it’s inevitable, we’ll just do a Piratebay on them. We can run faster than them and shapeshift.

DS: Do you reckon users will return?

W: we hope to hell they do or we’re in a money hole. I reckon we’ll lose a few users of Newzbin1 but I’m hoping over time many will join us and if we can get increased retention and more services I think we may even improve over the old site in time. I’m certainly appealing to the editors and editor admins to  join us, purty purty please!

DS: Good luck. I’m rooting for you. Make it come back soon.

W: a lot sooner than you think I expect 😉

Mr White will try to answer polite questions below.



1. Foo McBar - May 28, 2010

Contact details for anyone that wants to offer help?

Mr White - May 28, 2010

I’d love to take on a site user to help behind the scenes but the problem is, I’d be up to my armpits in MPA plants in zero minutes flat if I did that, so for systems stuff I’m having to recruit via personal contacts.

c - July 29, 2011

I can’t get the email from your site to join. Anyone I can contact?

2. TeK - May 28, 2010

Good luck but I won’t be using the new service though but don’t take that personally I have not used newzbin1 for about a year I tend to just use private bittorrent sites now where im member of many elite sites and a owner of 1 but I won’t divulge that information.

3. Eric - May 28, 2010

Well that’s an interesting phone number lol. Look forward to the guys getting it up and going again. Don’t care for the alternative nzb sites that are available currently so I’ve lowered myself to using torrents for the time being to get my comics and tv fix.

TeK - May 28, 2010

In my opinion private torrents sites are way better than usenet because most users have seedboxes you you can usually max out your connection, for TV episodes etc you can easily use dedicated TV trackers and have your favourite shows downloaded automatic via RSS syndication ready to be played at the touch of a button with no need to UnRAR or PAR check etc.

Mr White - May 28, 2010

I use torrents and they are a fine alternative to Usenet for some things but Usenet will max out your connection on a file which on torrent has few seeds

c - July 29, 2011

How? I need to know. I need my True Blood fix.

4. Iron_Forge - May 28, 2010

If all the nzb’s were filled with meta data of title, category, etc, etc, then all of them were stored on say, alt.binaries.nzb, then when the site goes down, it could be mirrored back up again fairly quickly…They could also be signed, so that several nzb style sites could be up at any given time, all posting to a.b.nzb, and knowing which sites signatures they trusted, and which ones were just spam…

Just a thought…

Mr White - May 28, 2010

Yea, it’s a good thought. The NZB spec does, contrary to some peoples opinion, support it. The problem is that none (I think?) of the Usenet clients do.

cybertron - May 28, 2010

Screw it, change the game… I think the above idea is brilliant. Get with the forte & newsbin guys and see how this can work to make usenet 10x more unstoppable than TPB. I love how those guys continue to come back, but with the already existing infrastructure of news hosts all across the globe, use that syndication to your advantage.

Iron_Forge - May 28, 2010

I was thinking less of usenet clients supporting it, and more nzb sites supporting it…nzb.site.a indexes usenet, as editors categorize things, they’re posted to a.b.nzb, signed as forge.editor@nzb.site.a for example…

nzb.site.b (optionally) indexes usenet, as editors categorize things, they’re posted to a.b.nzb, signed as white.editor@nzb.site.b…

Now site.a can agree that things signed with site.b’s public key are automatically added as if one of their own editors added it…And vice versa…Users can also karma +/- editors posts, so user forge@site.a gets good karma, and users know they can trust their edits…

site.a goes down, site.b continues running while site.a is re-established…Possibly with site.c up and running as a tor service, less resources, not indexing, but is grabbing all posts from a.b.nzb and adding them…

Really the distribution of nzb files could be an open sourced website, with the real power in the indexing for editors, and posting the nzbs…

Course, that may effect any profit model you plan to create around the backend…

A/C - May 29, 2010

This is, I think, the future way to go. With the NZBs distributed via usenet itself, anybody can set up a site offering users search facilities, variable amounts of retention, other value-added features, etc., to promote your site over the others, and be safe from prosecution on the same grounds as Newzbin Limited were found guilty – they were seen to be encouraging piracy through the reporting process. If all a site is doing is re-formatting what’s already on usenet, and not adding to that, then it should be safe. (and would be simple to implement, too!)

I know some of the softwares that can post files to usenet already create NZB files – it those can be amended to include the extra meta-data and post it to an agreed newsgroup, then that’s all the sites need! And for all the other files, a modified stand-alone news-reader that can allow anybody interested to create NZB files would allow anybody to contribute and with no central point of control they could not be stopped.

5. nbfan - May 28, 2010

Great news that newzbin will come back soon.

Mr White,
will nb2 be a paysite from the start on ?
Will you ever go the invite only route like newzbin did ?

6. snipes - May 28, 2010

Mr White,

Thanks for the updates. One of the biggest problems I think you’re likely to face is trust from previous members of Newzbin (1).

Of course you can never please everyone – (and already you have some poor easily scared fools worried about the fact they received an email from you (which I appreciated) so therefore you must have their SSN, home address, telephone, bra size and everything else too!) – but there is always going to be a problem with trusting the new site at first.

Assuming the new site needs to be paid for, subscriptions are the only way forward again. Would it be fair to suggest that you cannot use your own payment processor for the initial launch of the site, and instead use a trusted 3rd party payment processor. Giving credit cards details to an “unknown” site is just a no no…

As much as I *want* to believe in a Newzbin2, I have no intention of walking myself into some sort of MPA/RIAA/etc etc honeypot either.

In fact, perhaps a 1 or 2 week free intro to the site for all the members you currently still have in that email database would be the right way to go about things….

I wish you good luck, good speed and the wind on your pirate back.

Iron_Forge - May 28, 2010

I’m not overly concerned about the trust issue…There’s always a way to send payment to a 3rd party without giving them your credit card number (paypal for the obvious example.)..

I think the real issue is value…newzbin was good value…Was pennies a day, and always there, and always had what you wanted categorized nearly instantly…If a new site is up and down every other day as they shift hosts and evade “the man”, it’s going to have trouble attracting and keeping good editors…Is it really worth say, $20/year for a service thats up 6 days a week, and may have to be searched in raw mode to find 0 hour releases?..Especially when there are free services that are always up, and you have to use raw searches…

At this point, I’m not convinced we could go back to the good old days…It had a good run, and here’s to hoping I’m proven wrong…

Mr White - May 28, 2010

Yea, there is totally a trust issue and we understand that. An MPA honeypot would seem a bit far fetched but if someone is inclined to be paranoid yea they could worry about that.

In fact we are almost certain to do a free period as you suggest for a week or two. The site will not be free because we are going to be paying for a sysadmin and a programmer plus serious bandwidth and a growing collection of servers.

7. Iron_Forge - May 28, 2010

Hurray for identicons!..Moron…

8. rebootdc - May 28, 2010

This is all sad but I’m looking forward for your site to come in play Mr. White. I’ve been a loyal newzbin customer for years and I look forward to your site. I hope you will find a way to notify us of when your service is up so we can continue to reap the benefits.



9. TheGameChanger - May 28, 2010

Super exciting stuff, I’m not particularly in the know about what the case was against Newzbin. I’d think to keep the site locked down as well as possible make it invitation only. (The old Gmail way) that way you can keep the site growing without any old Tom, Dick or Harry signing up.

10. tCnarss - May 28, 2010

Just a quick question Mr White. Will accounts held on the previous site be valid on the new one? i assume so, just clarifying. Thanks for keeping it alive!!

Mr White - May 28, 2010

Yes. And old credits will be kept too.

default - May 31, 2010

Does this mean that I can login with my old username as soon as the new site is up?

Interesting - June 1, 2010

You going to allow us to use our outstanding newzbin1 credit? that would be a great incentive for people to return. but i would think not a good idea for you as some people would have id expect a minimum of 1 years credit and you’d lose out there.

I would happily return as an Editor if you’ll allow me. I edited for 2+ years and would love yo help out again.

11. gertrude - May 28, 2010

Everyone seems to be overlooking Mr.White’s plan to make money – confirmed by the fact that he’s taking a gamble buying server hardware, emailing previously newzbin clients, keeping the codebase closed source – *entirely* off the back of the hard work of the previous newzbin owners. He’s stolen their code, their client list and is hoping to use them to make himself money. A little unethical? I’ll admit to being a copyright thief, but I don’t try to sell my copies to generate income – maybe a difference immaterial to some, but I am more likely to avoid the new site because it doesn’t quite sit well with me.

Also, newzbin was created by some very talented people, and run on some very elaborate systems – I can’t comment on Mr. Whites ability, or how well the code was documented, but I find myself questioning how likely it is that, not having authored the code, they’ll ever be able to learn it well enough to produce the same level of reliability/functionality of the original newzbin site.

If they were interested in the community, they’d open source the code – If they did that, I’d be much happier about signing up – They’ve got a head start, if they can get organised and get a replacement up and running faster, they’ll be the most successful, and they could feel like it was thier acheviement, not somebody elses.

Personally, I’d prefer the community to work on more distributed methods – storing the metadata in the nzb file, enabling multiple site’s to trawl the nzb’s without manual ‘editoring’, and some sort of shared/p2p reputation database? That’s where we should be heading.

Mr White - May 28, 2010

Let me be clear. We have a profit motive in this. We haven’t tried to ‘steal’ from Newzbin1 guys – they got shutdown by the MPA, not by us. The MPA have given us an opportunity to make money. Thanks MPA. Does this mean we intend to shit on users & ex-Newzbin1 members? Fuck no. We want to provide a good service and take the same profits the Newzbin1 guys did. Yea sure we are using their works to do so but they have abandoned their works and they have SAID so themselves. There is no moral ambiguity here: they have dropped out of the scene and we are replacing them.

I have personally signed cheques for an $22,000 Sun server and 2 x $9,000 Sun servers to help run this site and I expect to sign more. I have hired a fulltime coder on good salary, I am recruiting another expensive geek to keep the site up. If you think a ‘free’ system can compete then go for it. You may be right, but in the meantime I hope to provide a site useful to ex-Newzbin1 people. I may get financially screwed, it’s a risk I am OK with taking.

Honestly, if sharing systems can be created that work well without Newzbin or Piratebay type sites, that’s well and good, we will become irrelevant. That’ll be a great day for everyone, but until then we are needed and I would hope people wouldn’t begrudge teamrdogs a profit in exchange for a useful service.

You think we are money-grubbing douches? Fine, don’t use us; Simplez.

12. synaptik - May 28, 2010

Just do away with the categories panel on the left. It’s my understanding that the legal action turned mostly on NB’s “presentation” of material in such a flagrant fashion. I can search for things I want. So can anyone. Why not avoid the problems inherent to the flagrant category browsing and just allow searching?

Just a thought.

Mr White - May 28, 2010

yea, that’s is definitely right, but it will need to be part of a site redesign. Some work was done on this but it isn’t complete & we’ll need to finish it. That’ll take a while.

13. Mr. Black - May 28, 2010

Mr. White,

Looking forward for the new site..!

/keep the faith

14. bertybassett - May 28, 2010

jesus billy I bet my mum on it this was leaked (by cough cough newzbin themselves). Still its nice to see newzbin not disappearing.

My only problem is would I give my credit card details over to a known thief? Would you guys give your credit card and pin to a thief in the street? You guys surely have to use a 3rd party credit card company without it I’d never use you.

Mr White - May 28, 2010

We understand this concern & we’ll look to be using a 3rd party payment system to keep people happy.

15. TeK - May 28, 2010

What really should be done now is for someone to hack into the new newzbin and steal/open source the code like it should have been done from the start if it can be done once then it most def can be done again.

16. u235 - May 28, 2010

I’m 100% behind a second coming of newzbin as long as it supports all the things that made newzbin1 so great.

As for those crying about paying thieves, I call shenanigans. You suddenly have moral issues with paying for a service that’s largely oriented towards helping people find “less-than-legal” content? As if newzbin1 was some sort of pillar of honesty.

I’ll gladly throw some paypal money toward these guys simply out of principle, especially if it helps buttfuck the MPA, RIAA, ESA et al. Hopefully it will drive all of these horrible NZB sites (nzbsrus, nzbmatrix, etc) out of existence and make room for serious contenders as well.

Long live newzbin! I anxiously and faithfully await your return 😀

snipes - May 29, 2010

Think you missed the subtle difference between “people not wanting to pay thieves and who are thieving anyway” and “people not wanting to give credit card details *directly* to unproven hackers”.

Keep up at the back.

17. c0ld - May 28, 2010

Mr White: Hope you get hacked. 😉

Mr White - May 28, 2010

yea, kinda hope we don’t 😛

18. Jay - May 28, 2010

Will prices be close to Newzbinz? and we’ll you have a secured credit card check out?

19. renata - May 29, 2010

Bring back Watchdog. I loved getting those evening e-mails with new NZB reports for all my chosen categories… Saved Searches never really measured up to WD (for me, at least).

c0ld - May 29, 2010

it wasn’t removed..

20. Mr Orange - May 29, 2010

When was the hack performed?

21. Bob - May 29, 2010

how was all of the user account info obtained?

Bob - May 29, 2010

I mean, what information was on the user accounts? Name, email, days left on credit.. ?

Mr White - May 29, 2010

Yep email, credits, days left, wether you were premium/editor/edadmin etc. but (yet again) NOT credit card info 😉

renata - May 29, 2010

In additon to e-mail addresses, days left, editior status, etc., do you have users’ site preferences and Saved Searches?

It would be difficult to recreate all my Saved Searches there were so many.

22. Max - May 29, 2010

I have /a few/ questions; Forgive me for being greedy.

When was the hack performed?
Any comment on Newzbin saying they think it could of been a contractor?

How long from when the site opens to when you expect to increase retention?

When will the site open? 🙂
A progress report on the work you’ve done so far/ work left would be excellent.

Will subscriptions work the same as they did with Newzbin Original and will the price stay the same?
If not- how much will it be, and why the change? The Newzbin guys were ‘comfortable’ and they paid for hardware too

Will you be hosting the nzb spec?

How many people will be behind ‘Newzbin2’?
Can we expect stability?

How do you expect many users to trust in you, and Newzbin2 when you say you stole the code ‘because you could’?
How are we to know if/when you use your own credit card processor we’re safe from ‘because i had 300 thousand credit card number’ scenarios?

What sort of privacy are you advertising?
Newzbin claimed they didn’t track a whole lot.

Where are the servers?

And finally- how will you announce the opening of Newzbin2?

Alison Vunderland reporting for HJGHUYUYBGHKJHUITJGHKTGKJ

Mr White - May 29, 2010

We weren’t contractors, though maybe they’ve got plans too. Retention is tricky there needs to be server upgrades and we’re spending fuckloads on that as it is, but it is a SUPER high priority for us. You don’t want increased retention anything like as badly as we do.

The NZB spec will come back up, ad when it does someone will mirror it this time I’m sure. Stability? In terms of systems I doubt it, not at the start as things are likely to fall over a bit but we’ll be OK soon enough.

Credit card point: I’m honest (despite the hack which had no criminal intent) my guys are honest. None of us have been carders or suchlike. Like Caesium we’re here & we got into this position because we like Usenet. But you dont know that & I can’t prove it.

Like Newzbin we wont be violating anyones privacy and we will keep only enough web logs to deter DoS attacks. We’ll publish a privacy policy.

Where are the servers? In your garage.

We’ll announce it to the usual websites: Torrentfreaks, Usenetshack, this blog, Slyck etc

Mr Orange - May 29, 2010

Can you not announce torrentfreaks….
it’s full of wankers

snipes - May 29, 2010

Well said re: torrentfreaks.

Thank you Mr White for those details, and for the good quality questions/answers on this blog.

23. Ph1Davies - May 29, 2010

Thank you SO much for getting a clone up and running.

Will you have any deals for early adopters? like 50% off credit When you open?

Will you still run newzbin xxx ?

Keep up the good work!!!

Mr White - May 29, 2010

Man, we gotta do pr0n. totally newzxxx will come back totally. Prices will be same/close to Newzbin1’s. Imagine it will be free for a the first week or two while. Early adopters dicount? It’s an idea we’ll mull it over, maybe/maybe no.

24. baumax - May 29, 2010

Appreciate your open and honest approach. sounds much better than the previous owner Caesium which always gave the impression he is doing it for fun and charity. lying constantly about money and profit.
you want to make money and are honest about it. you are taking a great deal of risk for it and I respect that.
as a previous long term editor I would look forward to be an editor on newzbin 2 too.

wish you luck

Caesium - May 29, 2010

Hmm. Don’t think I ever actually said I was doing it for charity. Fun yes, but you can have fun while making money, which fortunately is what Newzbin did for me.

My financial affairs were none of your business then and are none of your business now.

I evaded questions about how money it made, of course I did – because it was NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. But never did I lie, saying “oh we’re not making enough money, please pay us more!”

At the end of the day it was a business and anyone who didn’t realise I was in it for the money as much as anything else was a fool. I have to buy food just like the rest of you.

25. BigAnnaconda - May 29, 2010

Cant wait for u chaps to get this back up and running again.

will previous/old editors on newzbin be asked if they want to carry on editing posts on the new site 🙂 ?

26. Colin - May 29, 2010

Well guys I and I know a lot of my friends and family are really excited about you getting back up and running again and we support you all the way, Screw the bastards who brought you down and power to the people we’ll be there for you, I lost money as an annual subscriber but what the hell I had more from you than you had from me if you think about how much stuff I got, When (NOT IF) your up and running again I’l do another annual subscription, Just one down load covers the cost of that lol lol lmfao, Good luck guys hoping to see you very very soon.

Loyal Supporter. Colin U.K.

27. Mr Kaki - May 29, 2010

So let me get this straight. You want to be paid as much as the INVENTORS of the nzb was. The one who basically made it all possible from his own little brain, while all you did was hack him? Piggy back ride much mr “liberator of code”.
And don’t give me none of that “well we gotta maintain the servers” and it’s “fuckloads” this and “fuckloads” that, because we all know damn well you’ll profit from it.
If you really want to “liberate” the code, you’d make it open source, and a team who has sufficient funds to upkeep it and perhaps ask for donations will take it up. Not some “liberators” who ask for the same price as the ( i need to repeat this shit) INVENTORS of newzbin.
Parasites… I hope you get hacked by real liberators ya greedy bottom feeders.
*middle finger*

28. Mr Kaki - May 29, 2010

Also, the fact that Caesium didn’t have anything to comment on the ones who “raped” his site is a bit odd ain’t it.

Edit in my first post “The ONES who basically made it all possible from THEIR own little brain, while all you did was hack THEM?” .

Caesium - May 29, 2010

As of January 2010 I couldn’t have cared less, not “my” site.

So while I can comment personally (and have, that was the point of my statement as of a few days ago) I can say nothing on behalf of Newzbin anymore.

Mr Kaki - May 29, 2010

Thanks for replying Caesium. Was just a bit baffled that you had no reaction to Team R Dogs and the fact that they were claiming the same rights you had, despite them doing nothing but hacking your work.
I’ve read the posts here about “thieving from the thieves and yadda yadda.” and while I see those posts point, I gladly paid for Newzbin, knowing that my money was reaching someone who had the brains, the perseverance and the patience to make something new and amazing.
These wankers are doing neither.
In closing, thank you Caesium for bringing a great service to so many people including myself, and I don’t know how you feel, but I’m pissed. Not at the fact that they stole your work, but are claiming the same rights you had on it.

c - July 29, 2011

do you have a new site?

29. me - May 29, 2010

Oh yes please bring back my Newzxxx!!!

I wish you well, I will buy in if I can securely, am a little disappointed I never got an email from you as supposedly all current members did, thought that was weird when i read about it.

Good luck and be careful!

30. Hate The World - May 29, 2010

Neue Ideen zur Zukunft des Usenets…

Bekanntermaßen hat Newzbin ja seine Pforten endgültig geschlossen. Aber es wurde ja auch der Server gehacked und der Source Code geklaut. Abseits der Ankündigung das ein Newsbin Clone bald Online sein wird, gibt es auch eine rege Diskussion wie man Z…

31. FML - May 29, 2010

I had 300 days approx of newzbin credit but i ve had no email from you guys either 😦

Henk - May 29, 2010

It’s probably in your spam inbox. Gmail flagged the message as spam.

default - May 31, 2010

I was an editor, 8xx days of credit, also didn’t receive anything. Who’s the sender? I could check that spambox again …

32. Spongebob - May 29, 2010

“W: 😦 yea, it’s inevitable, we’ll just do a Piratebay on them. We can run faster than them and shapeshift.”

“I have personally signed cheques for an $22,000 Sun server and 2 x $9,000 Sun servers to help run this site”

Cool, so it’ll take the MPA all of 5 seconds to get your gear cut off and / or impounded – Your gonna do what exactly after that?

c0ld - May 29, 2010

MPA? This will be of more interest to the e-crimes division of S.O.C.A. Probably something that could lead to extradition.

33. josh - May 29, 2010

I give a shit less who runs the damn site, i could care less how Mr. White got the site, i could give a rats fuck why they are bringing the site back. Fuck the MPAA! I want newzbin back and Caesium seems bitter, not saying he doesnt have a right, but boo fucking hoo, you knew what you were getting into with newzbin being so big. You could have shut new user sign up off a LONG time ago.

Mr. White, I applaud you and your team. Thanks for fighting against these cock fed monkeys and please pay no mind to the folks that still want to impress Caesium by giving you shit.

Let me know if there is anything i can do to help and please let me know when i can sign up for the new site!

34. Big B - May 29, 2010

So will people who were members with credit who havent been emailed still be able to use credit and logon to new Nezbin ?

35. RedP - May 29, 2010

I’m another that didn’t receive an email, but I’m not concerned about any credit I had left. What does worry me is that I may need to get another invite to signup again. In that eventuality would a copy of the Newzbin welcome email be sufficient as proof of being a previous member?

Anon - May 29, 2010

Did you check your spam folder?

me - May 29, 2010

Don’t know about RedP but yeah, that’s the first thing I did when I read about it. I could care less about my remaining credit, my thoughts are the same, I want my invite lol!

RedP - May 29, 2010

Of course.

island boy - May 30, 2010

I also didn’t get an email. Checked my spam folder.

36. Timbrin - May 29, 2010

Good luck with Newsbin 2, I am fairly new to newsgroups so I never got to try Newsbin 1 as it was not open to new users.

I’m looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about.

Will I need an invite or will it be open to anyone at the start ?

37. fu - May 29, 2010

W: We liberated it. Code just wants to be free. Specifics don’t matter.
DS: So you’ll opensource it?
W: No.

What a fucking moron.

deepsharer - May 30, 2010

Irony is clearly lost on you

38. IVF - May 29, 2010

Just one questions so far, will you be participating in the attempt to extend the NZB format and make it more flexible?
More information is found on http://www.nz2.me

39. JonnBoy42 - May 29, 2010

I don’t give a shit how you got the code, I don’t care who processes my payments, I don’t give a flying fuck about the moral implications of doing business with you. Just give me a fucking URL already.

40. jesus - May 29, 2010

I find your (Nick)name odd, did you steal that too? From Breaking Bad? Mr White resp HEISENBERG.

41. chuwright - May 29, 2010

I too had 300+ days and received no email. Would use the site without fear, and happily cough up cash if the price were about the same. I don’t want to miss out.

42. TeAm xcaliBerx - May 29, 2010

Hope your site is running soon mr white.
We also hope you hide the code well as we are first in line to get it from you.. once we do it will be opensourced.
OUR team includes a few very nice people from the original newzbin1.
hope you didnt pay out to much money hahaha.
(its not nice when i thief nicks your stuff) remember those words mr white.
TeAm xcaliBerx 😉

RedP - May 29, 2010

If your team includes nice people from the original newzbin1, you’ll already have the code, won’t you?

43. Therefore - May 29, 2010

Mr. White —

Will the new site still have my saved searches? That would be great if so — I had a bunch!

44. concerned - May 29, 2010

This all seems a little odd honestly.. You claim you did all this a while ago right? You were somehow able to get the code/db’s you say a while ago.. However how was my alt account (that was created really recently and would only be in a newer DB) emailed? Sorry but I honestly see this as a scheme by the MPA/other orgs to try to log a huge list of people that will receive letters after a while. Now I may be wrong but how can you prove you are not related to them and only intend to strike a blow on ‘pirates’? I will not be repaying for an account until after a long while and proof enough you are not a setup honeypot.

mitch - May 29, 2010

that’s classed as entrapment, and would be illegal in a lot of countries 🙂

45. P2PTalk » Newzbin Resurrection: Interview With The Mysterious Mr White - May 29, 2010

[…] by an ex-Newzbin editor, the DeepSharer blog has now managed to secure an interview with Team R Dogs boss Mr White. Here are the main points, plus those from the later Q & […]

46. Newzbin Resurrection: Interview With The Mysterious Mr White | We R Pirates - May 29, 2010

[…] by an ex-Newzbin editor, the DeepSharer blog has now managed to secure an interview with Team R Dogs boss Mr White. Here are the main points, plus those from the later Q & […]

47. Snakemaster - May 29, 2010

So from his vocabulary he used in the interview he clearly is British.

48. Top Posts — WordPress.com - May 30, 2010

[…] Interview with Team R Dogs I secured an interview with Mr White via IRC last night (the conversation has been tidied up a bit). DS: How are you […] […]

49. Tigertron - May 30, 2010

I would be an editor again. Let me know.

50. Interview with Team R Dogs « SYSTEMA - May 30, 2010

[…] by an ex-Newzbin editor, the DeepSharer blog has now managed to secure an interview with Team R Dogs boss Mr White. Here are the main points, plus those from the later Q & A. DS: […]

51. Pitviper - May 30, 2010

Will there be a followup email sent with site details once it goes “live”? I’m another user that never received the original mail, though I do dump my spam folder regularly.And will it maintain all the various search options (Reports, Condensed, Raw, etc)? Binsearch just doesn’t compare to the Newzbin Condensed search.

52. SniperSki - May 30, 2010

The work that Mr White has been putting into recovering the Newzbin feel will go indefinitely appreciated. Unfortunately, he has to dish out almost half a million dollars in the first 3 to 4 month if he thinks he’s going to get the retention, redundancy, and querying power for shooting for over 400 days of retention, nevermind going for more than 600. The queries that the newzbin site handled blew away any other site out there. The best part was that you could select multiple search results and download them as a single NZB file (zip, uncompressed, etc) AND, you could name it. Features that make organizing my own little 10TB of usnet stuff much easier.

I’ve noticed that, since I’ve been scurrying to find a replacement to Newzbin in the interim, that a lot fo the sites ask for donations. To Mr White, will you be accepting donations outside of the normal usage fee?

Also, (my own personal opinion) Caesium inherited a great deal of unnecessary attention I feel when the site opened up to the public (without the need for an invitation). I guess it wouldn’t matter at this point because if you’re keeping the same user information, then there would already be MPA infiltrators with access to the site. When I saw the Admin post back in the day that they were allowing anyone to sign up, I felt that it was a rather ballsy move on their part. Breaking the number one undocumented rule of usenet: “Don’t talk about Usenet.” Basically, a smart person only allows someone in on their secret about usenet (without really even referring to it as usenet) if they really trust them. So, I would actually take the Amway, Avon, ACN, and now even thhe Donald Trump way of marketing and go with Multi-Level Marketing for this launch. Mr White would invite 3 users to the site, and those 3 invite 3 more, and so on. Of course you get a much higher rapport of people using the site when a user is only limited to 3 invitations. Or maybe it can be 3 invitations per month. I had never invited a person to usenet. I obtained things for other people, but there is no one in my life that I could trust enough to say, “here’s where I get all my shit” and not have that go south. My wife is the only one that uses it and she just uses my account anyways because we’re in the same house. I told my Uncle I could get him something he needed one time for his office and he started telling people that I didn’t know (I overheard him on the phone) that he has an in-house pirate. Ripped him a new asshole and haven’t gotten anything for him since (back in 2006 or so).

SO there are definitely some stupid-ass people out there that can easily get themselves fined or behind bars if they want to do it their way. However, in order to keep an investment protected, you have to filter out your clientele a bit and say: “No you can’t use this site because you’re a moron and seem to be a high risk user.” In this case, you might think of limiting a user to so many different IP addresses withing a given time frame to prevent account sharing. Along with the incentives for referrals: If your referral signs up a referral, you get a month free or something along those lines.

It’s way to late at night (er… early in the morning) for me to be blabbering about this. It’s like food shopping when you’re hungry! Just keep going and going and…

Well, good luck Mr White. I look forward to what you come out with. Caesium, I (and I’m sure I’m not speaking just for myself) appreciate all the work, time, and stress you had put into the Newzbin site. Even getting sick while going through the court proceedings was when I noticed this must be really taking a toll on you. Hope you’re doing well.

me - May 30, 2010

Yeah, like the mpaa never heard of usenet.

53. tooloom - May 30, 2010

I too didn’t recieve an email. Don’t care about credits, increase retention sure if possible, don’t worry about updates, I just really need my Newzbin back ( for legitimate purposes only, of course ) Pron too.
Good luck Mr White

54. Conortriona - May 30, 2010

Thank God newzbin will be back soon, i live in a remote glen on the south coast of Ireland, i can only recieve 2 tv channels! Newsbin is my link to the outside world, it provides me with all the entertainment i could ever need. Cant wait to have you back.
P.S. Dont feel sorry for me, i go to sleep to the sound of waves crashing, breathe fresh salty air all day and live in a paradise with my true love. Life is good! All i need now is newsbin back and……perfection!
P.S.S. Totally freaked out until i found the e-mail in my spam folder!

55. Peter_Pan - May 30, 2010

These stories about Team R Dogs are getting boring….

Next time we want to read about Team R Dogs is the day they actually open a site – if they ever do.

Not a moment before.


56. Mr White - May 30, 2010

This is what the MPA will do to Team R Dogs

8===========> {(o)}

Mr White - May 30, 2010

too true imho

57. g011ey - May 30, 2010

Great news indeed!
Just need to know when 🙂

Mr White - May 30, 2010

some time within the next 24 hours

g011ey - May 30, 2010

LOL that was quick!

Henk - June 1, 2010

Well, it has been 24 hours already. How’s it going?

58. g011ey - May 30, 2010

just checkin me mail!

59. Placebo - May 30, 2010

Hope you’re up and running ASAP Mr. White, will gladly return to the fold once it’s up as nothing comes close, NzbMatrix isn’t bad but nowhere as good.

One thing I will say is that there’s no way in hell I’ll pay via credit card initially though until there’s a feeling of trust built up, so I hope you will set up paypal payment method from day one?

60. Drustan - May 30, 2010

Chris, err ohh sorry Mr. White, Why don’t you buy newzbin 1’s old servers 🙂 bet they’ll go cheap by the liquidators :>
Obviously you were a member yourself and I assume a very active on board member :>, so you will understand that you must keep to tradition to half price at Christmas 😀

Seriously though I guess like Pirate Bay you’re on the move :D…Hollywood would make a blockbuster outta this, be a great thriller :))

Mr White - May 31, 2010

I am not Chris.

Mr White - May 31, 2010

I was a member of Newzbin, but I was not an administrator.

Dustan - May 31, 2010

Ok mr white. A simple SQL injection. Let’s suppose you did, if so the Chris knows exactly who did the injection. Now if someone hacked into my site and stole my code I would not be a happy camper at all. I would simply track you down and expose you. So all this SQL injection and then chris saying he doesn’t know you and couldn’t care less well it’s a hard one to swallow. Either who gives a xxxx! Only the MPAA. Again I hope to a member of newzbin2 but I expect professionalism on your part to run the site the way the previous 3 guys did, and not do silly things and keep records of visa.with regards third party sources for transferring monies like Paypal, wasn’t there an issue sometime back where Paypal would not allow transfers of monies to newzbin because if xxx. Oh and will yo be a limited company? Registar for taxes??

Drustan - June 1, 2010

To some all this up IMO, this is a ‘Phoenix’.
Nuff said.

61. Jason Meeks - May 31, 2010

I miss newzbin soooo… much there is nothing that compares i will be back in a heartbeat i was a member for 3 years nd would like to be a member for another 30 years.

62. OMG - May 31, 2010

good point made in an earlier post…. if the whole membership was emialed by yourself Mr White, that means the people that infiltrated the old site have been contacted about the new and possibly will be members !

Mr White - May 31, 2010


ronblumeco - May 31, 2010

Maybe you should extend the invite only to those members who were there 3 or 4 years ago or earlier , before all the crap happened and then grow the site from the recommendations of those original/early members. I think it was the open invite that allowed the wrong people in. There are a couple of other sites that I frequent that have been around longer but they always kept tight control over who could get in. Newzbin was the best and I can’t wait to see it rise from the ashes.

Mr White - May 31, 2010

newzbin was always open to registrations, invitations were added recently, then later removed.

63. mc² - May 31, 2010

Received the mass email however for me it was routed into my spam folder by Gmail fortunately I keep a close eye on the spam that hit that folder in the event of false positives.

Will information regarding the opening of the new site be emailed to us?

64. Ceidkeeper - May 31, 2010

May i add that when it comes to custom requests torrents are a bit better to handle involving the community, from my personal experience. For instance when music sheets are requested of rare artists (like greek for example) i dont think there is an easy way to put a request or get a response. Torrent communities and some boards are more handy, but then again dont take my word for it, cause i am not into newsgroups. When it comes to scene stuff there is always fxp’s that include a lot of searching. I havent been using news groups for other than info, but i have read/heard the best and would like to give a try when you are ready. Best of luck to your endeavor, keep us posted!

65. CTunFaitJim - May 31, 2010

Mr White,

I was a longtime user of Newzbin but I didn’t get the invitation, Would you know what went wrong ?


default - May 31, 2010

same here

66. mrd - May 31, 2010

No way I’m using a clone site. Newzbin was legit. Any site run by people who steal code can never be fully trusted. For all we know they might start logging nzb downloads and use the data as a bargaining chip in case the MPA or others fuck them.

Good luck, but it’s not for me.

67. mcgeezer - May 31, 2010

Mr White – I have a question, which I’m hoping you can answer.

When the court ruling was announced the first thing I did was change my email address on my profile. The Team R Dogz mass mail sent on the 21st May at 7pm GMT has been sent to my new email address.

If you had taken a snapshot of the database a while ago – how come you have my new email address and not the old one?

DiGiTa1 - May 31, 2010

The term “a while ago” is relative.

mcgeezer - June 1, 2010

relative to what?

He clearly states in his interview that he stole the code before the legal news.

Mr White - June 1, 2010

What date did you change your details?

mcgeezer - June 1, 2010

My email address was changed on 29th March 2010 @ 8.51pm.

So you must have a copy of the site after this time I take it?

68. usenet user - May 31, 2010

Nzb Sites are only as good as the editers, posters…..

Molecule - June 1, 2010

I totally agree. Who cares about reopening an NZB clone if the editors are not going back?

69. someone - May 31, 2010

Mr. White ,
I would like to know if all of the former Newsbin users were emailed and if they will received an email when the new site is up and running. Thank you for your responds

70. Drustan - June 1, 2010

So I assume this is a ‘Phoenix’..Plan B.. I assume you had some of the work done already pending on the outcome.
SO I guess you have stamp duty paid, deposit documents, registered for taxes thats if you guys are staying as a Ltd company , so just waiting on a business license, shoudn’t take long though.
Hmm time frame for Newzbin back up and running I guess if everything goes smooth this week.
Well pure balls Chris and all the team at Newzbin..

Mr White - June 1, 2010

Do you not read anything.
Go away and read Chris’ statement.

“staying as a Ltd company” – how can “we” “stay” as a limited company when “we” have not yet existed.

Drustan - June 1, 2010

Yes, “staying as a Ltd company”..I did not mean that Newzbin still exists all I was saying is that will the new company be a Ltd?
I was merely posing some relevant questions, you don’t have to answer them at all, just throwing them out there. I just feel that a lot of stuff does not add up especially the timing.
For example “old code” then how come you have have up to date emails as some only recently changed theirs, and with regards to credits how come you have the most recent list of credits?
I just don’t feel that Mr. Caseium & Co. would allow a simple SQL injection happen.
Newzbin was run extremely well by extremely intelligent guys, these guys know their stuff, so again a simple SQL injection?
I just believe that all this is just a Phoenix, basically Plan B. Either way it doesn’t matter what I think and I’m sure you want to keep prying eyes away.
Anyhow wish you the best of luck and all the the team at Newzbin 1 & 2.

71. Ino - June 1, 2010

I for one haven’t been E-Mailed yet. I hope to get some Informative E-Mail as I was a Member for quite some time. I love Newzbin, And I’ll give Newzbin² surely ago! As for the payment details I think using a Third-Party wouldn’t be much to ask for. 🙂 And believe me “Hackers” isn’t a bad word, there are and always will be some of them Ofc.. But Mr. White seems to be trust-able.

Until soon I hope,

72. Klicker - June 1, 2010

After reading through this thread and others, one thing is obvious: there are a lot of stupid fucking people asking a lot of stupid fucking questions and making a lot of stupid fucking comments. What a bunch of whiney bitches many of you are. It would be funny if I didn’t have to waste my time reading them.

Huge thanks to Chris for providing an invaluable service for such a long period of time. And for such a low price! I’ve tried a half dozen sites since your demise, and none of them come close to being what Newzbin was. Eternal gratitude to you, sir.

And big thanks to Team R Dogs for forging ahead with Newzbin2. Most of us can’t wait! I do hope it’s as close to the original as possible and extra big thanks for honoring our remaining credit.

To the blowhards whining about profits, business permits and other silliness, just go away. And don’t let the door hit you in your big, dumb ass on the way out.

73. Barry O'Connell - June 1, 2010

Hey – I was a member of Newzbin1 but never got a mail about 2. I deffo wanna join up and am willing to pay similar money that I was paying to Newzbin1.

74. Mr. Pink - June 1, 2010

I too was a member, but didnt get the email 😦

75. Email Guru - June 1, 2010

To the people saying they haven’t recieved an email… I’d imagine Mr White isn’t an Email Service Provider, so the chances are when he sent out an email to the millions of users, a certain percentage would have been blocked before reaching your inbox as spam.

It’s not that you have been ignored. I work in the industry so know how tight the ESP’s can be 😉

76. me - June 1, 2010

What’s an ESP and Gmail puts spam in it’s place, doesn’t block it.

Email Guru - June 1, 2010

Email Service Provider. Commercial engines for sending out bulk email from a single IP.

For example, Hotmail will stop emails at source (MTA’s) before letting them into their filters to put in to an individuals junk folder if they suspect a spammer.

*Not the place to have this discussion :P*

Roll on Newzbin2!

me - June 2, 2010

Thanks for the response, though 🙂

77. NC - June 1, 2010

Seems weird that you’d let existing credits carry over. Can’t see how you could tell how many credits people had when the site closed for one thing. For another I had 500 days or so (xmas bonus love every year). I wouldn’t complain if you started from scratch and I had to pay again. I realised Newzbin could close at anytime and accepted that risk when I bought so much.

Seems off that you should have to honour me my 500 days that you’ll have gained nothing from and had to shell out a lot of money to get started.

Maybe cap it at 30 days or something?

78. ace - June 1, 2010

I’m happy to be an ed-admin / ed… I was an ed for newzbin


79. Jay - June 1, 2010

Hey Mr. White Now I don’t know how many of those comments were really yours BUT wheres the site huh?

And for you Causium whats the deal man? Why did you shut down Newzbin? if its seriously about those rude comments on the release of Marmaduke then I am sorry but the guy just made a terrible cam! It was lousy the WHOLE thing! worst cam ever so I gave it a bad score. IM SORRY please open newzbin up again mr casium

Henk - June 1, 2010

Did you read the news lately? You might want to check some archives from Torrentfreak. The MPAA forced it down, and Caesium cooperated.

80. g011ey - June 1, 2010

Hey Mr W,
Kind of makes you wonder if its all worth it sometimes don’t it!


81. mo - June 1, 2010

The risk with having NB open sourced is 50 sites pop up overnight, the strength of NB was its editors and there is strength in numbers.

82. Interesting - June 1, 2010

How much longer have we got to wait. I need my fix!!!

Please please please…Mr White please give us a time scale as to when the site will be up and running few days a week etc etc.

Thanks in advance

83. What_a_circus - June 1, 2010

I was a member of newzbin for years -will I join the new site? hummm… unlikely. This whole thing of a Mr White is good for teenagers who are careless about their dad’s visa card!!!

Interesting - June 1, 2010

How can you put something down before you’ve already seen it. If you were a member of newzbin 1 and had credit left then you may not need worry as Mr White stated above the credit will in a sense roll over to the new site. Well i hope i read that right see post 10…….

84. What_a_circus - June 1, 2010

Well, I became a member several years ago -at a time when it was legal to share usenet files. Times have changed and I just don’t believe in paying for a service that will sooner or later be terminated again. Something else will come up for free -that’s the nature of things.

But what’s more, I just do not like to be taken for a ride with all this ‘Resevoir Dogs’, hey I’m really *Kool* & broke into the code, Mr White stuff -specially if I’m paying for a service online. There’s a limit to the stupidity of the risks I will put myself through, that’s all.

Mr White - June 1, 2010

Seems like someone doesn’t understand how usenet works.

lrn2internet please.

85. Mr. Black - June 1, 2010

He doesn’t really have the code. Or at least all of it. Nice show you put on Mr. White. Lotsa people believed your BS.

86. Mr. Orange - June 1, 2010

So when’s the ETA… nzbmatrix sucks!

Gimme a status update Mr. White.

87. Bemis - June 2, 2010

Why is the new newzbin on the same old URL?

88. dr seuss - June 2, 2010

Interesting, it was either a ghost or a reincarnation, but newzbin.com was there a moment ago.

89. Bert - June 2, 2010

*drum roll*


And the saved searches are there too!

90. Bert - June 2, 2010

It’s interesting that the Newzbin editors continued to index the Movies/TV sections despite them being inaccessible after the lawsuit. These posts still do not show up in the Newzbin search but can be viewed after going through the Raw Search and clicking the “Assigned; Click to view Report” button.

NexGen - June 2, 2010

Yeah, we needed to otherwise our sabnzbds stopped working, and then we got no interweb TVz, and life would be less interesting. ‘mkay?

The injunction concentrated on making those reports publicly available, it didn’t prevent the reports from being made in the first place. Same was true of a take-down request, the reports are never un-made, they are simply filtered out from search results. Site logic knows what reports are allowed and what aren’t, the editors have no time or inclination to concern themselves with these rules.

Bert - June 2, 2010

Excuse my Newzbin ignorance, but what is the point of creating reports that can not be viewed by the site’s users? Are you saying that the editors continued to make reports in the TV and Movies section simply because a certain fraction of those reports (5%? 10%? must have been a tiny fraction) would be “passed” by the site’s logic for the public to access?

Unrelated: NexGen, will you be continuing on as an editor at Newzbin2?

NexGen - June 3, 2010

A couple of other specialist sites not widely publicized still had access to the filtered report nzbs, as did editors, and probably to some extent regular users (I’m not entirely sure how far the site admin went in excluding listings for standard users, but all they needed to do was prevent them showing up in the ‘Newzbin’ index, not the other four.)

And as an editor, it’s much faster to build an NZB using newzbin than it is to download headers manually or other nonsense, so for TV shows etc, I guess they continued indexing stuff they wanted to watch. To some extent Newzbin users get to see reports as a side-effect of the editor indexing a bit of usenet, rather than that being the sole purpose of an editor. The user’s part in the bargain is to pay for the servers, bandwidth, usenet access and staff to run it.

As for me continuing to create reports, maybe… not that it’ll make a difference… I wasn’t ever a hardcore editor and certainly not in the last 6 months. I did more comment moderation, wiki maintenance and IRC help stuff than actual reporting.

91. me - June 2, 2010

God bless us, everyone!

92. mikeey - June 2, 2010

when will this new site open i was a premium member of newzbin for several years and i have definitely not received an e-mail from the new team

93. wobblymatt - June 2, 2010

Ahhh relief at last.
Mr. White…
When will you start showing the indexed reports in the “Newzbin” search?
Little question but an important one none the less

Many thanks for the good work!

Welcome and thanks for the many fish to come 🙂

94. John - June 2, 2010

I just get the old ‘Newzbing has had to close’ site?

g011ey - June 2, 2010

Got a feeling a few peeps havw this problem, Probably DNS issues.

I am sure Mr Whites team will sort this asap.

95. Hackers zetten Newzbin-kloon online » Clippy.be - June 2, 2010

[…] het voormalige Newzbin. Ook de meeste accounts zouden nog moeten werken. In een vraaggesprek met Revoltingfilesharers kondigden de anonieme beheerders eind mei al aan dat zij een ‘doorstart’ met de […]

96. Newzbin is Back – The Best Usenet Index Site — TechPatio - June 2, 2010

[…] Behind Newzbin 2 is “Team R Dogs” and their front guy seems to be “Mr. White”. An interview with Mr. White was conducted by Revoltingfilesharers Blog, it can be read in full here. […]

97. Windu.be Blog » Hackers zetten Newzbin-kloon online - June 2, 2010

[…] het voormalige Newzbin. Ook de meeste accounts zouden nog moeten werken. In een vraaggesprek met Revoltingfilesharers kondigden de anonieme beheerders eind mei al aan dat zij een ‘doorstart’ met de […]

98. Nameless - June 2, 2010

my question is, how did the domain name change hands?

Domain Name: NEWZBIN.COM
Registrar: TUCOWS INC.
Whois Server: whois.tucows.com
Referral URL: http://domainhelp.opensrs.net
Name Server: NS0.NEWZBIN.COM
Name Server: NS1.NEWZBIN.COM
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Status: clientUpdateProhibited
>> Updated Date: 01-jun-2010 <<
Creation Date: 08-may-2002
Expiration Date: 08-may-2013

Surely the owners of Newzbin Ltd would have been in control of this, or there was a major omission in the inclusion of the domain in the assets held by the company OR the domain was owned by another entity and transferred away for a financial gain to the person/s who owned the domain, OR the liquidator may have sold it to make some money back to pay the bills?

Otherwise someone obtained the domain name password by illegitimate means.. and if that's the case, there are protections in ICANN policy that mean that transaction can be reversed.

Something is a bit wrong here.. not sure I'd trust the new site, especially from "hackers" who have coincidentally stolen the source code and databases (no doubt containing personal information) as well as resurrected the site on the old domain name.

I have to question their objectives.

Are the new operators a wolf in sheeps clothing? allow users access to the site and see what it is they're downloading, then report them?

Dodgy Nigerians resurrecting the site, asking for payment then ripping off your credit card?

Very suspect. I will err on the side of caution and stay away I think..

Still mourning the defeat 😦

99. Newzbin,OpenBitTorrent Back in Business « SYSTEMA - June 3, 2010

[…] of Newzbin claiming that they would soon bring back the site lat month. In an Interview with DeepShare thay said that they are doing this all for money. They want to provide a good service and take the […]

100. Amazon Freak - June 3, 2010

So if anyone is wondering when this new team got the code it was after December 29th 2009. Because I took advantage of the holiday sale. I estimate it was about 8 weeks because I have 303 days currently on my account.

I should also add that I have a saved search that was lasted used 63 days ago. You can take that for what it is worth

101. zHItt3r - June 3, 2010

I have exact the same amount of credit left as when nb got free. The sourcecode is also “stolen” very recently.
The owners are now situated in Chine – I wouldn’t dare to leave my credit cards details through a chinesebased site.
Paypal or —matrix ! <- matrix happens to be a very good site.
We also have supersearch in newzleecher – beats me how mpaa or riaa ever gonna stop dl without shutting down usenet. They HAVE already lost – "middle finger"

102. Jonny Tsunami - June 3, 2010

lol the number he gave was to the whitehouse switchboard. He’s a fed!

103. Sam - June 3, 2010

Mr. White, excellent work. As a software engineer I can well sympathize with the difficulties of “inheriting” someone’s code and trying to get it to work.

I hope you have read carefully some of the details of the court case against newzbin(1): http://futureofcopyright.org/kb/65.pdf

You can bet the exact same axe will be headed for you guys, but I think with the careful removal of any comments referencing copyright data, and a de-emphasis on binary content over ascii, there is little else they can build a case on.

In any event, I wish you guys the best and intend to support your efforts.

A few clarifications would go far assuaging people’s doubt…
1. How did you get the domain name?
2. Can you provide at least a vague idea of how you hacked newzbin? It must have been a hell of a break-in if you manage to get all of the source code and databases, which I would guess lived on different boxes.
3. Where is your operation located?

Lastly, it seems a little obnoxious for all these people to criticize the “piracy” of the newzbin source. Take a look in the mirror people. Profit or not, we have all placed our convictions either in favor or else against respecting intellectual property, and in present company I can guess which side of the fence we land on. It is the act of theft that matters, and we all have that in common here. Lets just call it how it is. Props to Mr. White for redirecting the practice towards something that serves the community as well.

104. Secue - June 6, 2010

I’ve been a newzbin use for 5 years now…didnt realise that till just now when i checked my history….on a site that has been setup with information that includes my stolen details …apparently.

Anyway…to be honest we can all sit here and bounce shit around till the cows come home and never get any further forward.

There’s just one question that I want answered for the moment mr white…..how did you get the domain?

For the time being I don’t need to know who you are or how you did the hack. Nor do i particularly care whether you are in it for the money….you want credibility? How did you get the domain?

If you’re able to answer that with a believable “well y’see….” then maybe people will start to trust you.

Personally, i think newzbin was great but I think it should be open sourced. You said in your irc interview with deepsharer that code wants to be free…..so free it….no? Hmm…

Come on whitey….how did you manage to point that newzbin.com domain at your IP?

I think till that question is answered….your potentially just the MPA that just unscrewed the lid on a huge pot of honey….even if that isn’t the case…your not someone that any sensible person is going to give payment card details to.

105. Newzbin Resurrection: Interview With The Mysterious Mr White » Newzbin, Dogs, Team, TorrentFreak, White, Newzbin1 » Adjoozey - June 6, 2010

[…] by an ex-Newzbin editor, the DeepSharer journal has today managed to bonded an interview with Team R Dogs politico Mr White. Here are the important points, nonnegative those from the after […]

106. The Mysterious Mr White: NewzBin will be online soon! | eliPost - June 7, 2010

[…] for the domains.The DeepSharer blog (run by an ex-Newzbin editor) has now managed to secure an interview with Team R Dogs boss Mr White. Here are the main points, plus those from the later Q & A.After […]

107. Newzbin Resurrection: Interview With The Mysterious Mr White | Downloads and News - June 7, 2010

[…] by an ex-Newzbin editor, the DeepSharer blog has now managed to secure an interview with Team R Dogs boss Mr White. Here are the main points, plus those from the later Q & […]

108. CTDemonet - June 8, 2010

I want to help in any way I can, whether it’s be an admin or some other menial task. I’m going to apply to be an editor as well (the old newzbin ppl didn’t take me) if that helps? if there is still an app?

please contact me or tell me how to get in touch!
ct.demonet (at) hotmail (dot) com

CTDemonet - June 8, 2010

i meant to say “whether it’s be an editor”

109. Newzbin Resurrection: Interview With The Mysterious Mr White | TorrentFreak - February 8, 2011

[…] by an ex-Newzbin editor, the DeepSharer blog has now managed to secure an interview with Team R Dogs boss Mr White. Here are the main points, plus those from the later Q & […]

110. interview maria antimisari ola 11 — Οι αγαπημένες σας σειρές: Patty,Gumuz επεισόδια - June 13, 2011

[…] by an ex-Newzbin editor, the DeepSharer blog has now managed to secure an interview with Team R Dogs boss Mr White. Here are the main points, plus those from the later Q & […]

111. MPA goes to court to make British ISP BT block Newzbin | MyCE – My Consumer Electronics - June 29, 2011

[…] known only as “Mr. White” (we’re almost positive that’s a pseudonym) alleged he “liberated” the original site’s code after its closure and promised that future attempts to shut it down […]

112. MPA, BT update: Judge says no ruling until July, Newzbin speaks out | MyCE – My Consumer Electronics - July 2, 2011

[…] coders led by the furtive “Mr. White” who stole the original site’s code and launched the new 2.o model within months. Though the site operators had no say in court, “Mr. White” had no […]

113. MPA, BT update: Judge says no ruling until July, Newzbin speaks out - July 2, 2011

[…] – insurgent coders led by a hiding “Mr. White” who stole a strange site’s formula and launched a new 2.o model within months. Though a site operators had no contend in court, “Mr. White” had no problem […]

114. Ialonrng - July 4, 2011

incredible hulk tattoo,

115. Newzbin2 continues to fight court-ordered ISP block, promises aid to other blocked sites | MyCE – My Consumer Electronics - September 22, 2011

[…] reality of the situation. Newzbin2 is a site essentially built on stolen code – code he openly admitted to lifting from the original Newzbin following its court-ordered closure last year. And while Newzbin2 has (so […]

116. Newzbin2 continues to fight court-ordered ISP block, promises aid to other … - September 22, 2011

[…] existence of a situation. Newzbin2 is a site radically built on stolen formula – formula he openly certified to lifting from a strange Newzbin following a court-ordered closure final year. And while Newzbin2 has (so […]

117. Anita - February 9, 2013

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118. modern vampires of the city download zip - May 23, 2013

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