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refunds, source code, privacy May 19, 2010

Posted by deepsharer in Uncategorized, usenet.

Reading the comments on the Newzbin story three issues seem to crop up repeatedly. I’ve asked the right people and here’s the score:


I reckon it’s a bit cheesy wanting a few dollars back but maybe some people are poor and others are cheap. Some people have said Newzbin ‘ripped off’ customers but Newzbin always did the right thing. Caesium, Freaky & Kalante didn’t start Newzbin to make money, they did it because they were geeks with a good idea for the technology, the NZB format, and accidentally started a profitable business. All the way through they were about the community and doing the right thing: they didn’t let people buy large credits just in case this situation ever arose; they gave refunds to people who asked for them – whereas other site operators would just have told them to screw off (I’ve never tried asking Giganews for money back for a month when I didn’t use it, I’m guessing I’d not get a very receptive response); at the end Newzbin stopped taking any more money when they knew how it was going – they could have been taking money right up to the day the site closed if they were scammers. Yea, the guys made good money, but they earnt it for the valuable service they performed and for the risks they took: I guess if you’re a bit of a commie you might not like people making a profit from a useful service, but I dont care.

Anyway, if you want your money back the liquidators are Bennett Verby, ask them for claim form. My guess is that after the bills are paid you’ll get nada, but it’s your call.


Liquidation doesn’t put anyone at risk. As was said on the site news at the time, and as some people have repeated in the comment to my original story, Newzbin kept almost no logs (other than for DoS prevention) and that was one of the things that upset the judge. There are no weblogs to tell who downloaded what or when.

Credit card records are irrelevant since they only say you were a member of the site, they don’t say what you downloaded or even if you downloaded anything at all. There was plenty of legal content indexed on the site.

The liquidator may sell Newzbin’s servers but the data disks will be probably be reformatted so even the minimal information that is on them will be trashed.

source code

This is where it gets intriguing. I mentioned the rumours that the site had been hacked and the code and databases stolen. Usenetshack have suggested that the timing is fishy and they seem to be suggesting it’s a put up job. As I understand it the hack was several months ago not recent. I PM’d Caesium on irc and he denies it’s an inside job either by him or the new owner. I believe him for no reason other than he is simply too worried about getting back into the MPA’s crosshairs to pull a stunt like that. Also Caesium, as I understand it, has a new squeaky clean project to work on and is out of the Usenet game.

More importantly, I may have been contacted by the code thief/liberator: ‘may‘ being the operative word. I was PM’d on irc by someone who said that my hack rumour was right and they’d grabbed the code plus database of reports and other operations files. He claimed they’d done a simple SQL injection attack that got them an account on the server, and that a privilege escalation had got them root on their account. I don’t know if this is true or if I am being bullshitted by some clown. I asked Caesium and he was sceptical, though he no longer ran the server at the time of the attack. Mr Hacker would not say what he intended to do with the code. I’ve asked him to prove that he has it by giving me a few lines of code that Caesium or the guys can verify. I’ve heard nothing yet.

It may be that I am an optimist, or engaged in wishful thinking, but the guy was convincing and I reckon that the code is out there and a clone will pop up sometime in the next few months; fingers crossed. Question is: will you return to Newzbin if it resurfaces? I’d be an editor again like a shot if a new site asked me. Any other ex-editors with an opinion on that?

Interesting update: 19th May

Had interesting side channel discussions on irc with Mr Code Thief. Initially, yesterday, he approached me and said he had the site code and databases. I thought he was probably a clown. Today he PM’d me with several lines of code. Caesium has just confirmed that these lines of code ARE from the site source code:

What does that mean? I doubt if Mr Code Thief is just doing it for bragging rights, may be but I doubt it. My guess is he’ll sell it on, or dump it on a filesharing site somewhere, perhaps Usenet.

Bottom line is that my guess is one or more clones will be popping up sooner or later.



1. stoppal - May 19, 2010


thanks for keeping us posted!
1. i couldn’t agree more with you on the first section (refunds)
2. i had only been a user for a few months but i liked the system a lot. if there really should be a clone and you ore the guys need some help i’d be happy to contribute sth too.

so long, greez st0ppal

2. Fly - May 19, 2010

First off, as I mentioned before, screw the money, i’d have paid 10 times the amount for the great service NB have provided me over the years, and I have always felt that they were very upfront and honest with the handling of premium credits (not being able to buy more than 8 weeks, and the like are great indicators of this)

I have been an paying editor for about 2 years, and i’d be back in a heartbeat if NB resurfaces somewhere else. (I know that editors in general get access for free, but I always preferred paying the pittance the site cost, and being able to create reports, that was just an added benefit)

3. Anon - May 19, 2010

I have had a thought and wondered whether it would be a workable idea.

I don’t know much about the format of an NZB file currently, but I think I am right in saying that it is just an XML document that points to a load of posts on Usenet.

Could there be room for a v2 of the NZB format? Where by the nzb file also contains all of the meta information about the posts it is pointing to? Therefore when it comes to indexing Usenet it becomes a hell of a lot easier? The meta information could contain all of the perternent information about the file in a format that indexers would easily be able to retrieve, editors perhaps wouldn’t be needed and the community could self police the file?

I dunno if its workable but wanted to throw it out there.

Anon - May 19, 2010

Essentially this would in effect combine the nzb and nfo file and standardising the format. Not too crazy a suggestion?

Rob - May 19, 2010

Sounds good to me. I had a further idea – post the enhanced nzbs to a usenet group, and suck off all other nzbs posted on there to populate your website. Net result is that anybody can set up an index publishing site, and nobody can claim responsibility for creating the index files: that was what got newzbin ltd into trouble – they were encouraging creation of index entries for copyright content. Just ensure there’s a standalone tool out there for creation of the new nzb files…

Obviously there would be issues with quality control – maybe have some signing system for authorised editors or something, but I think that it’s one way of working it!

zootie - May 20, 2010

I actually suggested this to Newzbin back in 2007 (made a ticket and everything), and I suppose it probably had been suggested ealier than that. I never got any real feedback. A few months ago, I saw that that NB had revised their spec to 1.1, adding a metadata tag section in late 2009 (and it would be up to posters to begin populating this section) – but now w/o the site we don’t have central repository for the 1.1 spec.
I initially thought of it to aid in archiving, being able to use the nzb file as a computer friendly nfo to organize what you had downloaded. But it could definitely be used to automate the creation of the index (use the metadata to pre-polulate post information, have editors/community correct them as needed). Many groups already upload nzb files along with their posts, adding metadata would be a matter of making it easier to add populate the medatada section. It could also be included along with torrents (omitting the nntp specific sections) to replace/complement nfos.

Anon - May 21, 2010

Sounds like a good project.

If all the information was on usenet then the process could be further decentralised – the only missing piece as Rob says is quality control. For this you could have a simple site (or many) that contain a comments box/star rating system. The site could use the MD5 of the NZB2 file as the index (to ensure everyone was talking about the same file.)

Users could use a program to download all the NZB2’s from a specific newsgroup. The program could then generate a database containing all the meta data. The user could then search their individual database.

The simple site could be integrated into the application. The application would just have to query the site with the MD5 of the NZB2 and it would return all the other users feedback.


Feedback could be posted to another newsgroup using the title of the message as the MD5 of the NZB2 file to ensure a completely fault proof system.

If anyone is interested in discussing further email me axlgrease@hushmail.com

4. columbo - May 19, 2010

yup,agree about the ££s lost. I would have donated to the cause.

and I’ll be looking for a replacement.

Which is…?

jdot - May 20, 2010

nzbmatrix — after newzbin stopped updating I went over to this site, paid a SMALL fee for a lifetime membership and now I am hooked. It takes a little getting used to at first as they are not as clean looking as newzbin was but they have LOTS of stuff and great categories and now I am used to the layout and love it. Just my 2cents…

5. lowhydrogen - May 19, 2010

filled up on credit at the xmas sale but i’m wont be looking for a refund.. got far more enjoyment from Newzbin then what i paid monetarily.
i sooo hope a clone site does pop up sometime soon, Usenet requires some work so it was so nice to lay on sofa and with NB open on the laptop DL .nzb’s directly to my desktop for downloading..
been with Newzbin since 2004 and i’m sad to see them go.

6. Joe Moon - May 19, 2010

As I learned in the intelligence game. If you are compromised and you cannot determine the extent then you must assume 100%.

They kept the logs. I know for a fact they kept logs of who downloaded. The disks being reformatted wont do anything to the data. Any half assed forensic tech will pull that data off them disks. We are all compromised.

Anyone who believes otherwise is a fool.

Jam Master - May 19, 2010

Lol, you are believing one extreme of the possibilities without any evidence.

You dont know if they kept logs or not yet assume they did and make scare mongering statements to that effect.

You are as much a fool as anyone…

Justin - May 19, 2010


If you are “learned in the intelligence game” you will know about software that can write zero’s to a disk and make it impossible to recover data but why would they do that?

I will also know that all MI (Management Information) and BI (Business Intelligence) data will need to be created in order to be logged and given the amount of users and hits the site gets this would cause extra cost to the developers and why would they need to create this?

Sure you can get the ARP cache from the routers but this will mean nothing in a court of law as it only shows that people connect to the site but does not show content!

7. Vis. - May 19, 2010

Ex Editor here. I would gladly help out if it resurfaced.

Asking for refunds? That is wrong on so many levels.

Justin - May 19, 2010

Agreed mate

8. Vis. - May 19, 2010

@Joe Moon.

DBAN performs a military grade format on your hard drive, conforming to American DoD (Department of Defence) standards.

DBAN is more effective than the conventional Windows format as it performs multiple passes over the hard drive, on each pass it will randomly flip each binary bit from a zero to a one or vice versa to completely scramble all the data on the drive.

9. kress - May 19, 2010

@Joe Moon: Bullshit!

10. Jappierocks - May 19, 2010

If you don’t want to be comprimised; don’t be online and don’t download anymore! In other words: if you want to live, you’ll have to take some risks.

When resurface is happening; I’m back in again.

This model is a working solution. If it was a legal service i’d pay a fairly monthly fee for it. I already did not use the music section anymore because i’m using Spotify for €9,99 a month.

11. Lawrence - May 19, 2010

Joe Moon,

All that means is they can prove you downloaded some NZB files. That does NOT prove you actually downloaded the data from the Newsgroup provider. They’d have to get the logs from there as well. I wouldn’t be that concerned.

12. NotWorried - May 19, 2010

@Joe Moon

Yup, they could possible know that you downloaded an NZB report listing where something could be found on Usenet. Even if all logs were kept, that’s not evidence that the content itself was downloaded.

13. R F. - May 19, 2010

They can keep the rest of my years fee, any help towards their legal costs is a good thing, if they had a DONATE button somewhere a LOT of ex-users would contribute a bit more too… hint, hint!

14. dread - May 19, 2010

hahaha are you doing the PR work for the FUCKERS like Caesium, freaky ….

they are greedy fucks, who made a million pound a year, and when asked why they dont increase rentention they always said they cant afford the server ressources it would require. they always draw themself as poor loosers who did this all for nothing. this cheap fucks wouldnt even invest in servers to ran the site at a useable speed.

They know EXCATLY what they were doing. Now they are playing the dumb, poor and innocent guys.

Stop the ass-kissing just cause they linked your blog.

evilhugbear - May 19, 2010

Newzbin’s servers had a VERY usable speed. Whenever I searched for something, the results popped up almost as soon as I clicked search.

And whenever there was a problem with the site, they fixed it within hours.

Rastaman - May 20, 2010

lol, idiot.
retention isnt everything if the posts are quality. the amount of time and downloads saved with the comments system warning me of potential threats or telling me the passwords.
the amount of posts with incomplete files being noted so you didnt waste time on downloading something that couldnt be repaired by recovery.

the site alway ran fine for me, maybe your interwebs was crap?

as for running costs. you have absolutely no idea how much bandwidth is being used with it being the first and biggest of its kind.
a few dollars for months of access is not alot of money especially when you owe money to software houses, mpaa and various other things.

this isnt ass kissing, newzbin was a valuable service for most people who had half a brain.
newzxxx is gone too. how i loved the quality of that fap material lolololol

15. Scoundrelking - May 19, 2010

Hate all you want dread, but their service was still best in the biz, 240 day retention or no. If it made you so mad, why use it?

16. Wishful but not going blue in the face - May 19, 2010

First off, those asking for a refund are retards. It hardly cost anything to be a member. So, quit your bitchin, shut the hell up, and move along.

Secondly, I never talked with the newzbin guys or know them really in anyway. If they made a few bucks doing this, good for them. Why get all pissy about it. If you didn’t like it, no one twisted your arm, made you join, and use their site. If people were so worried about things, they definitely offered really short term membership increments. Again, just cause you bought up a huge term (which was cheap you f’ing cheap bastards), you could have done that too. So, you all need to shut the hell up.

Finally, people are always full of BS wanting to make them the “cool” kid on the block making claims that aren’t true for whatever reason. I’m not going to hold my breath on the rumors but I will be hoping for Newzbin Resurrection. If that happens, tell us where and I’ll be there in a flash. So, please keep us informed please, as to where if it does come about. But, until then, thanks for the awesome ride Newzbin!

17. Jingo - May 19, 2010

So is there a current alternative? Downloading headers makes me sad.

MJ - May 19, 2010

nzbmatrix seems to be popular as a sub for nb

18. d1ck0 - May 19, 2010

Been on Newzbin since 2004 , sad to see them go , I REALLY hope another site of there quality gets up and running.

Good Luck too the admins of Newzbin in their future endevours 🙂

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20. Joshua - May 19, 2010

NZBMatrix seems quite nice… not as nice as Newzbin of course.. but usable.

21. Me - May 19, 2010

If a clone site did appear how many people would be comfortable giving over credit card information to in essence a hacker, im not sure if I would be.

bah - May 19, 2010

Steelin some source code for, what some could consider, quite admirable reasons is not the same as mass credit card fraud.

Simple SQL injection… hmm, 😉 i think newzbin has been around long enough to know how to protect against these sorts of attacks. A site like newzbin would be subject to PCI, and an application firewall would almost defently have been in use. I, for one, remain to be convinved, newzbin was too big a cash cow to just let disapeer into the ether. I bet we only see the 1 clone… But hell, i’d be onboard 🙂

22. An7 - May 19, 2010


I have been using the website “NZBMatrix” since the legal action against Newzbin along with supersearch on Newsleecher for anything that I cant find on NZBMatrix.

It’s no where near as good but is good enough for common stuff and only costs £7 one off for a VIP membership. Worth checking out if you can’t be bothered to download headers or supersearch.


I hope a clone site does show up soon, they should set it up in a country that would make it much harder for anyone to prosecute them, the only reason the MPA went after Newzbin is because it’s owners were based in the UK and they abused our legal system, and knew it would rack up a lot of costs for Newzbin regardless of the outcome. I’d definitely pay for a clone site and miss the raw usenet search feature Newzbin had =(

RIP Newzbin

23. Joe - May 19, 2010

For the people that can’t find a place from where to get nzb’s I use http://www.binsearch.info/ . It is pretty good. A nice alternative to Newzbin.

24. vat0r - May 19, 2010

They really REALLY should open source the code. It would be a great way to insure newzbin lives on forever in spirit. Picture thousands of newzbin clones all over the internet. Would be much harder to shut down than one lone site. Please Newzbin creators, release your code and let the community run with it. Let us make modifications, integrations and other awesome shit to improve the code base. It could turn out to be the best decision you ever make.

As for getting the hacked code, good luck with that. Whoever the hackers were they’ll probably be more interested in profiting from the code then sharing with the community.

Justin - May 19, 2010

Newzbin will live on with the .NZB format but yes I agree with the opensource.

25. Jingo - May 19, 2010

Thanks, folks. Keeping my fingers crossed for a clone in the near future.

26. alaisthehun - May 19, 2010

Been using newzbin for almost 6 years, i will miss the service very much.

Started paid nzbmatrix account after newzbin went down, it will help me find some off the nzbs but not all that newzbin could.

If a stable clone popped i would support.

27. AnotherAnonymousPerson - May 19, 2010

They were charging very little for access anyway so a refund is the least of my concerns.

All I care about is my privacy. Don’t want that c***-sucking judge to know who downloaded what and when.

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29. jakethecat - May 19, 2010

The code for the site will not be made open source. The reason being, the software is an asset of the company and the administrators will be looking at this asset as a possible source of revenue either thru licensing or outright sale.

However, the fact the Mr Hacker was able to exploit SQL to get the code just before the site go titsup COULD be seen as being a bit too coincidental.

BTW – been using Newzbin for years and I’m as disappointed as the rest of you that it’s gone

30. JTee - May 19, 2010

Screw the money is right. I was a member from long ago and the service that was offered far outweighed the minimal costs to subscribe. If clones pop up great….if not, what can ya do.

I just want to thank Caesium, Freaky & Kalante for everything they did for the scene. You guys rocked.

31. leakyD - May 19, 2010

The admins can keep my credits due to fact they kept no logs. For this they deserve any residual compensation.

If only the MPAA/RIAA realized that reducing price of their product would curb questionable behavior. BUT, sadly, they need to maintain pricing to pay legal. A sad catch-22 that I doubt will ever get resolved due to cultural inertia.


Can’t wait for the Attack of the Clones.

32. Scooter - May 19, 2010

Well, all I can say is that anyone who did not see this coming as soon as they lost the case is fooling themselves.

Was a great resource. Saved countless time and bw.

Have moved on to a new provider.

Good luck to all the ops in their new endeavors

33. Nonya - May 19, 2010

NZBMatrix nor NZBs.org can compare to features that were available on Newzbin. I severely miss the site & hope that a clone, maybe even a few clones, surface soon.

34. Daz - May 19, 2010

“Accidentally started a profitable business”

What planet are you living on?

35. Chemcat - May 20, 2010

I loved Newzbin, what they did with creating nzb’s changed usenet more than any other single innovation since binary encoding. Like Scooter says, good luck to all the folks involved with Newzbin!

36. TeeStar - May 20, 2010

Thanks for keeping us updated , much appreciated.

I cant believe people are that wacked that they would even consider even thinking about getting money back. That is the last thing on my mind . I just hope the site-ops come out of this ok.

O and just a very quick FUCK YOU to mpaa

37. SWAT - May 20, 2010

I have been a customer since 2005, and let me say I have been a happy one. I had over 365 days of credit but you know what? I don’t care, I had more of my fair share of downloading and I loved every minute of it. I have been entertained along with my family and friends this whole time and I must say you can’t put a price on that. I wish the guys the best of luck and I hope that they have all charges eventually dropped. The RIAA and the MPA kill me, they represent those who are evil and rich, lol. It’s kinda like being a millionaire and suing the paper boy for not deiveringyour $2.00 paper for a week. This site was not hurting the sells for the MPA and its partners, it’s all a shame in my opinion. God Bless you guys.

38. SWAT - May 20, 2010

Almost forgot, special thanks to Caesium, Freaky & Kalante, you can keep my credits “cfield03”, you guys rocked, thanks for not keeping my credit card info. 🙂

39. Jessica - May 20, 2010

as mentioned in a previous post.. I topped up just to show support knowing there was a chance I wouldn’t be able to use all the credits.. Until this last time I had never been able to top up for more than 6 months or so.. the last time I topped up the servers allowed me to process a huge credit, so I did and topped up for 3 years.. and I dont want it back.. thanks for your service.. thanks for fighting hard to keep it going and not backing down to the first attack.. and thanks for protecting everyone by NOT keeping logs 🙂 Newzbin will be missed dearly

40. Håvard - May 20, 2010

R.I.P my beloved Newzbin.
Best of luck to the guys behind this project!

41. wobblymatt - May 20, 2010

So long and thanks for all the fish
Can’t wait for the Attack of the Clones

42. -] - May 20, 2010

If you want your money back and used a credit (rather than a debit) card you can ring your card issuer and tell them that newzbin have stopped providing the service you paid for. They will credit your account with the money and attempt to get it back from newzbin.

43. Phoneboy - May 20, 2010

I’d like a copy of the source code so I can set up my own indexer for personal use. I use Usenet for free wallpapers and LEGAL stuff (yes, including all the free amateur porn) and have for 15+ years now.

44. Ryan - May 20, 2010

Well, I guess it was imminent. But as for the refund situation – people are right to ask for a refund if they want one – they paid for a service in advance that is no longer being provided. I wouldn’t bother, for a measly 5 bucks or whatever, but the principle is there. Sad to see it go, hopefully whomever takes over the reigns with clones does a good job.

45. Phoneboy - May 20, 2010

Maybe someone will work on ikbin again.

46. Lordmuck - May 20, 2010

Screw a refund , I want my Newzbin!!!

47. opa-ben - May 20, 2010

Too bad it turned out wrong. thanks a lot to the Newzbin crew who dedicated many hours and a part of their life in this beautiful site, have been using it for a couple of years and have always been happy with the service.

I still have my membership on nzbsrus but it’s not the same and I will miss good old Newzbin a lot.

48. Ino - May 21, 2010

Thanks for these updates..
As for me I would not midn gettign a “Clone” popped up Ofc, aslong as the rights may be used..
Asfor Newzbin it’s self, it’s unfortunate.. 😦


49. Google - May 21, 2010

So does that mean peoples usernames, passwords, emails etc are now in the hands of this “hacker”?

Hopefully it is just the insiders trying to get the source code out into the wild as opposed to some legit hacker who’s going to post our info all over the net just for kicks. Although, luckily i never used one of my normal passwords nor my main email, rather my junk one for messageboards, although i imagine that’s not the case for a lot of people.

50. Imaclone - May 21, 2010

wonder how much the receivers would sell the working code for and the website domain.

Rob - May 21, 2010

One way to find out – Make them an offer! These things are, typically, only worth as much as somebody is willing to pay, after all.

51. johnny - May 21, 2010

i used newzbin for a good while-last tiem i paid for a years access, got stopped at 313 days still left. do i want a refund? no. i got my monies worth and benefitted from their time and effort. sad to see it ogo, means i’ll have to find things myself! next stop-usenet gets busted and shut down.

52. Rob - May 21, 2010

Anybody else had an email from someone claiming to have the code and databases, saying basically “watch this space” for “newzbin Two” ,, I assume they have, otherwise how would they have my email address?

Catch22 - May 21, 2010

Yup, just had one of those emails as well, to an address that was used solely for Newzbin, so it’s not like it’s one someone picked up elsewhere.

Gives a link here along with a couple of other sites to watch for updates.

53. Z - May 21, 2010

yea i got the following to my nzb email address… its kind of worrisome that my email was taken from Nezbin…

[Hi ex-Newzbin user.

Lamenting the departed site? Dreading doing Usenet the old skool
way? Think the clone NZB sites suck?

Good news: we are Newzbin Two, and we have glad tidings:
NEWZBIN IS BACK! and we are the new management. The crew got most
of the original Newzbin source code and the main databases.
We loved it too much to let it die.

The catch? We wont be up for a very short while cos things need
to be done. For starters we need a cool domain name; also we
need to hack on the code some more to make it run. We are nearly
there but it is very complicated. We reckon we’ll up very soon.

So don’t drift off to those lame-ass wannabe NZB sites. Hang on
for a little longer and the Big Dog will be back.
For news keep an eye on these news sites:]

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55. Blue - May 21, 2010

First off: thanks so much for keeping us updated. I have been with Newzbin for some years now, I was there, when people still could signup without having to be referred, if this gives a timeline.
I admit, I strayed away from time to time and looked at other NZB sharing sites, but always came back. The site was the best, not only what the file quality was concerned, also the reviews, and indexing from editors and users. Most helpful and unmatched – as far as I can tell. I always gladly paid and never thought twice about who makes what profit. The service Newzbin provided was well worth the money and I know that hosting and bandwidth are not cheap. That was the least a user like me could do. Screw the few bucks that are considered profit, the guys needed it, as I can imagine the court debacle wasn’t cheap either. Be it as is: it’s a very pissy and sorry action of those people in charge to force Newzbin down. Next thing they will try is to close the newsservers ? I hope -not for the guys of Newzbin, but the corporate greedfishes, that 100s of clones pop up just to show them that the internet can not and should never be censored. just my 2cents on the whole issue. NEWZBIN, rest in peace, and thanks for the superior service.

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59. pend - May 21, 2010

Caesium, Freaky & Kalante can keep my money with no guilt. All product warranties run out when a company goes out of business.

60. Newzbin 2 starting up soon? - May 22, 2010

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61. AKo - May 22, 2010

Ex-editor here too. I’d support a good alternative. It will probably be a while, but I expect good developments.

Regarding the source code having been stolen, I’ve seen messages claiming that in various places. Last thing today was an email in my Newzbin user profile (so probably obtained by hacking in there). The sender doesn’t appear make a distinction whether the address belongs to an editor or a general user. Here’s a copy:

——–Start of copy————-

Subject: Newzbin Two!
Team R Dogs/Newzbin2

Hi ex-Newzbin user.

Lamenting the departed site? Dreading doing Usenet the old skool
way? Think the clone NZB sites suck?

Good news: we are Newzbin Two, and we have glad tidings:
NEWZBIN IS BACK! and we are the new management. The crew got most
of the original Newzbin source code and the main databases.
We loved it too much to let it die.

The catch? We wont be up for a very short while cos things need
to be done. For starters we need a cool domain name; also we
need to hack on the code some more to make it run. We are nearly
there but it is very complicated. We reckon we’ll up very soon.

So don’t drift off to those lame-ass wannabe NZB sites. Hang on
for a little longer and the Big Dog will be back.
For news keep an eye on these news sites:

Mr White
Team R Dogs/Newzbin2

—-End of copy—-

Over in the other thread, I noted the message by MadHatter, which may be related in some way to the same source.

One thing these people may not have fully considered is the infrastructure and manpower required to keep a service like Newzbin up and running. Recreating the site alone, even if the existing reports/NZBs could be recovered, wouldn’t be the same thing. It’s not as if Newzbin was self-sustaining but required a lot of human input.

Of course, what I may not sufficiently know about is how much progress there has been to write code for the automatic creation of reports without human intervention. I just remember that, depending on the outcome of the trial(s), the idea to dispose of editors and fully automate the site was in the air. Anyway, from the little I know, I can’t see how a new site built on the basis of stolen code alone could substitute for the Newzbin of old, with a dedicated and experienced team of editors and admins, plus the infrastructure behind.

Well, we’ll see, I guess. But my feeling is that already established sites with existing infrastructure may be better placed. Also, if a new contender wanted to start a service on the basis of stolen code, I’m not sure how much support from ex-editors or new voluntary helpers in support of such a service would be forthcoming. I’m not sure how safe I myself, for example would feel in relation to people who’ve obtained my address by hacking into personal, confidential records held by Newzbin.

Ahh, well, what to say, it is early days. I expect so many developments, things may get really interesting over the coming weeks and months.

62. FartFigGoofing - May 22, 2010

do you remember how it was before Newzbin and nzb files
downloading group headers and just about going blind
to find something
thank you Newzbin for saving my sight

Newzbin 2 all ready over there waiting
see you all when its up

ps. i too have been useing other nbz sites
i feel so cheap now like i have been cheating
on someone

63. AKo - May 22, 2010

Sorry, the copied email was, of course, not n my Newzbin user profile. I’ve deleted a few important words. What I wanted to say is that it had been sent to the address from my Newzbin user profile, which must have been obtained by hacking into Newzbin.

Also, sorry for the duplication of this message. I’ve been typing a while and, in the meanwhile, “Z” already posted it.

64. AKo - May 22, 2010

@ FartFigGoofing

lol! – the cheating, the guilt! The eroticism of using nzb sites… lol

65. Mark_s - May 22, 2010

Have to wonder why does someone want to use the newzbin course code to set up another site? Its been shown already that the whole newzbin setup is classed as illegal and will be shutdown, with very large court fees to pay

So why would someone want to setup a virtually identical site, only to suffer the same fate?

66. Newzbin resurrected? Code leak presages Newzbin Two | AFK-Time - May 22, 2010

[…] wake. Newzbin’s admins have confirmed that the code has made its way into the wild, though they claim the leak wasn’t an inside job. Either way, at least one Newzbin clone is already on its way, […]

67. Dolamite - May 23, 2010

nsbs.org is free

68. Dolamite - May 23, 2010

nzbs.org even 😀

69. SONIC - May 26, 2010

Lets spend more time trying to find some type of loop whole in the legal system,that might help the people who started newzbin.A few $$ lost isnt anything,not compaired to what you recieved.lets stick to what can benaffit us the most.Getting NEWZBIN back online !If its possable to do,we should focus on this.I also believe ive found one!read on main page.

70. Big Stevie - May 28, 2010

Newzbin was always too cheap. Fuck giving people back their money. Infact, if there is a donation going to help the guys with legal costs then lemme know where it is as i’d happily give then 20 quid. least i could do.

Anyone who would write a letter asking for $3.40 back needs to have their head caved in with a brick

71. Horus - May 28, 2010

I think they will need to rewrite the code to get a good version of Newzbin again, for example desentralize the code over serveral servers/hosting providers/locations, this would make the legal action verry hard. (when they win the code is allready residing on a new server in antoher country)

72. Horus - May 28, 2010

Ohh i forgot something, i also had kredit, dont care about som pocket money, the important is to get the service back up.

So you cheap fuckers go fuck yourself!

73. yahh - August 26, 2010

A bit of an off-topic since you mentioned giganews… but once I tried getting a refund from them.

It was the hardest battle I’ve ever had in my life 😀 I was charged, even though I thought I had cancelled, and I contacted them like 2 seconds after being charged, without using a single byte of transfer or even logging in… It was a hyooooooooge battle to get a refund for something I never ever used, logged into, or had plans to.

74. Kandice Urbina - June 23, 2012

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78. Newzbin climbs out of the bin | ITProPortalITProPortal.com - July 25, 2014

[…] code leak may not be an inside job, as a hefty WordPress backgrounder on the subject makes clear. It appears the code was pilfered some while back and could now be […]

79. Newzbin killed off by Hollywood lawyers | ITProPortalITProPortal.com - July 25, 2014

[…] Newzbin is currently in liquidation and there is more information about refunds, source code and privacy issues here. […]

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